Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pernah mkn "RIMAU MENANGIS" ker..siyes super SEDAP

" The name "Penang" comes from the modern Malay name Pulau Pinang, which means island of the areca nut palm. The name Penang may refer either to the island of Penang (Pulau Pinang) or the state of Penang (Negeri Pulau Pinang). Penang is often known as "The Pearl of the Orient"  - source by Wikipedia.

Thats 'Penang' for intoduction. Hye everybody=) Hows weekend? Me...super duper awesome. I had another break a'way at Penang for 3 days 2 nite. I ate alot and affirmative 'Penang' is HEAVEN of FOODS.

First dinner at Nasi Kandar TM

This is not a place for short tempered...
Long queue but it is worth the time

dissapears in a matter of minute =)
We had nasi minyak + ayam masak merah + green chilies + telor masin
and papadom = FLAWLESS

On Saturday morning, we had a short tour within the front with those fighters and the place is super I can live here for years...

cant recall the fighter's name? damn

the beauty of Penang

please observe the view, not us=)

Then we continue our journey to Restoran Ikan Bakar DIN . now u aint ready. This place serve 'RIMAU MENANGIS"!!!! for real..muahhahaha. the truth, its beef meat...Why they call "RIMAU MENANGIS" ?.
There's a tale claimed if TIGER does not get certain portion of the cow  (am not sure which part), the tiger cries!...for crying out loud..hahhahahah...

rimau menangis

we ate like hell and non stop..guys, if u visit Penang, dont forget to come here
no regret

continue later..penat

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Essential Foods for The Skin

Hi peeps...morning Thursday=) hope evrything is doing great....
Presenting my skincare and beauty regime of the whole year...


"quit blaming the weather for your suck hair" whisper the shampoos & conditioner
me , gobsmacked...damn u

facial cleanser : "You are not leaving behind all that dirt and sweat to settle into pores are you ? "
nuttyNAD : "weh diam lah, haku nak tidor...MEMEKAK lah weh "

we are master's besh fwen eva, so called BFF
from left to right : miss sexy SPF24, super bloating moisturizer (smell really nice), snow white NITE cream
and please dont ask what is the purpose of the razor and scissor folk

and the last one but not least, we are the leftover...
missy paris hilton, serum for hair, johson baby oil to protect master from mosquitoes, scholl foot care & and deodorant...opsssss

After all sleep and drinking lots of water are still the main core for healthy, beauty and happiness
walla, me ready to face the world=)
have a nice day onwards

Monday, October 25, 2010

DeMure Me Part 2

These are another picca from different angle and view...

books + cds + comics + trophy + id

my runaway every morning

self appreciation centre


damn good bargain...purchased this coolbox only RM45
at CASH & CARRY..can be utilized in a car too..tadaaaa...wink2

mr teddy...these are Nadia's. Mine kept in secret place....



cik Mahadi, maner anda yer=(

saya gembira biler mr crab ceria

Modest Me

Too much leaves are not good as I will fullfill predominant of my off day with diversity of tiring activities. It is not appropriate to call LEAVE anymore...more to CLEANING day.

Last Saturday, I cleaned up and dust off my modest bedroom from sawang + habuk + and segala macam mak nenek.phewww...

u will notice a bunch of books..yup..we love books...books are evrywhere..
under the bed, pillow, table, comforter and so forth:)

am plannning to repaint and renovate my kecil bedroom...wish me luck ok

please ignore the unfinished business !!!!...need to hijack NADIA a day to re-paint the whole bedroom..
used to have queen bed, but cracked into pieces due to monstrous cousin's attack

another part of my bedroom..again..please ignore the unfinished business..
still trying to get rid my mom's obsolete treasure...

part c

hahhaha..yes i am what???
steal those planks and bricks from my cool grandpa..

This is my humble hidding place for the past 27 years...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Self Indulgence

Last Friday, I was able to squeeze my tight and hectic schedule by applying ONE day leave...yippe (Itue pon dh cukup bagus ok dpt cuti..bukan senang:p)

So dunno what to do, I killed my spare time by watching Asean Food Channel (AFC).
I have my own favourite cooks such as nigella "BITES" lawson(bites not her name) + jamie oliver + bruce + rob rainford + Adrian Richardson + and the one and only - our local chef - the best of WAN..

There was an ad by MAYONIS showing "How to prepare an ommelette with MAYONIS" was so mouth watering...slupppp

Woooooshhhhhhhhhh, I was all set in my small and tiny and cozy kitchen=)
As I was not sure how to prepare the correct OMELLETTE, I just customized my own dish...

Base Ingredients :

1) Eggs
2) mayonis
3) Tomatoes
3) Kraft cream cheese
4) Kraft slice cheese
5) bird chilies
6) salt and AJI skit

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..Here is my succesful dish after a few years.

served during lunch hour

The whole family love it..serious kidding fella..
my younger brother..AYIEN asked me to prepare the ommelette during our tea time..just look like a pizza thou

served during tea time...can u spot the melted cheese(*_*)??

Wednesday, October 13, 2010




I'm able to spare some hectic time to invent my own blog..the GREAT journey of nuttyNAD....yippie


this month I am fully blessed with dozen of lucks + family and fwens.....

am lucky to be surrounded by positive + enthusiastic + ambitious people



plus with a fantabulos burfday celebration ever + great gift (seriously Im madly in lurve with the CROCS ballerina flat - super comfy lah weh  LILY women) + finally the BAnANA chocolate CAke from SECRET Recipe


neva tought banana can go along with chocolate cake

double dang

big thanx to my soul companions fitriah+hazel+kak muna+anie..lurve u guys cup cup cup


i wont forget my baby sis super cool present

ZARA sailormoon cardigan..wink..wink (i pau org jer nak hadiah burfday)

triple treat lah

i loike so muochh mouch

my charm luck for exxon interview

heart u NADIA

sailor coat with pipping on cuffs


till then..back to work(*_*)