Sunday, July 24, 2011


Flo Rida, MizzNina
You better call Mr Fix-It
Let em’ know we got a problem Houston
Flo Rida go up to the moon with the music
Taking off boom boom that acoustics,
Countdown like 1, 2, 3, 4,
The party don’t start till’ I’m on the dancefloor
Like 5, 6, 7, 8, we rockin’ the club all day
Said I’ve been rocking’ round here, round here
But it’s about to get a little crazy up in here,
Cause you can’t escape this club
I’m bout to tear it up
And I can see I gotcha trippin’ for this
Oh and I mean business
Saying Houston,
We got a little problem, we got a little problem,
I, Imma gonna solve em’
Saying Houston,
We got a little problem, we got a little problem,
Cause Imma gonna rock em’
This is how its going down, going down
And imma gonna break it, break it, break it down,
Break it down,
This is a take oh oh over,
This is a take oh oh over,
Now i want ya out ya head, out ya head
And imma gonna tell ya and i’ll tell ya what I said
I’m here and I’m in control
Thats just the way I roll
I’m tearing down the walls until the morning
Oh this is a warning
Na na na na na na oh eh ey,
Na na na na na na oh oh
Na na na na na na oh eh ey,
Na na na na na na oh oh
Na na na na na na oh eh ey,
Na na na na na na oh oh
Na na na na na na oh eh ey,
Na na na na na na oh oh
Its all under control I gotcha hands up
See when I walk in the door I make em’ stand up
Its like I’m taking a pose, it’s all cameras
Feel a knock at your door its like hammers
Oh baby, get a little crazy, tear the walls down
Now you gotta pay me
I’m taking over put em’ up lady
Now let me see you put your hands up, all your hands
I wanna see you put your hands up, all your hands
I wanna see you put your hands up, all your hands
Now rehydrate before you pass out, fore you pass out,
Pass out

Saturday, July 23, 2011







Money can't buy BANANA
scary lah those time..damn
Aku yang suka memalukan diri sendiri -__-

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Magical Musical & FiTriah Birthday Bash

Hello fellow friends=) How are you? Hope everybody is doing great and GOD bless. Me? I am quite demoralized and depressed. Why? I am a big fan of Arsenal BUT I don’t have the opportunity to watch THE Arsenal and Malaysia football game which is held TODAY at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil.

Si Kecil: "Darling, jom g tengok Arsenal match"
Dear fiancée: "When?"
Si Kecil: "July,13"
Dear fiancée: "Why ? U nak tgok fabregas? Ker Nasri? Ke Persie? Name one? Btw I'm not around on 13th July. I'm off to Labuan for 3 weeks"
Si Kecil: "Ok tak jadilah -_-"

Nadia: "Kak jom tengok Arsenal. AKu belikan ticket and fetch u home"
Si Kecil: "Tak boleh. Mahadi tak pergi -_-"
Nadia: "Oklah. Nanti aku amik gambar, MMS kau"
Si Kecil: (Dalam hati "Sungguh jahanam")

Besar pulak kan gambar kau-_-

Please DO NOT share or post anything about Arsenal. You will be cursed - farting all night long. This is for real as DOA orang yang teraniaya SANGAT makbul.  

Apparently, I’m not going to talk further about Arsenal. Past is past and let it be -_- (sob3) Last week, when everybody was obsessed about BERSIH, me, Hazel, Mala and Yah were busy celebrating Fitriah’s birthday bash at Sunway Pyramid. Fortunately, the road was crystal clear. Wippie.

We had a lunch at OLE-OLE Bali. We were embraced by the Indonesian’s lifestyle, décor, foods and people. It was another magnificent experience.

I prefer BUMBU DESA (another Indonesian foods - which is located at the CURVE )instead of OLE-OLE BALI. But, Andaq and Azi did tell that the best OLE-OLE BALI is located at Empire Gallery, Subang.

We bought a peanut butterscotch cake at Secret Recipe. It was truckload and super BIG. Me love mud chocolate cake more than others. Thanks to Adibah for being my cake’s consultant=)

Next, Fitriah had all the euphoria in her life. Me and Hazel decided to let she choose her own present. After a long present-hunting, she decided to grab Charles and Keith clutch which worth around RM160.

Next, a bunch of appreciation goes to Mala. For the first time in my life, I watched a THEATRE. Eyes drool -__-. I am not some sort of art geek. Having a free ticket which worth RM200 per person, gave me a HEADACHE and self guilty.

From Sunway Pyramid, we walked about 1o mins to Sunway Lagoon and proceed to the Sunway amphitheatre by locomotive. Hurmm, it was a good start.

We will be watching Magical Musical Theatre!!! What the hell was that? Here is an overview about Magical Musical Theatre:-

“Sunway Lagoon’s Magical Musicals will be held at the theme park’s recently-renovated Amphitheatre, from June 10 to July 17.
The 90-minute production features some of Broadway and West End’s biggest hits from the last 25 years, including numbers from Moulin Rouge!, Mamma Mia!, Dreamgirls, Fame, Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Footloose, We Will Rock You, West Side Story, Hairspray and the latest television musical phenomenon, Glee.
The songs will be tied together in an endearing story, set in New York, about young performers seeking recognition for their talents.
The main cast members are all West End performers that have performed in various big name musicals such as Grease, Wicked, The Rocky Horror Show, Rent, Les Misérables and Mamma Mia!
Tickets are priced at RM100 (Yellow Zone), RM200 (Blue Zone), RM250 (Red Zone) and RM300 (VIP).

For more information on Magical Musicals, call 603 5639 0000, visit or connect /”    - Source from Sunway Lagoon  


Wow, ramai orang sebenarnya. Maka aku merupakan katak di bawah tempurung dan sangat Selayang. Pftsss. We have been escorted to the BLUE zone.

"Set amidst the bright lights of Times Square in New York's Broadway Theatre district, the story begins with 6 budding performers auditioning for a new show.
Discover how they encounter turmoils, despair and finally find fame, fortune and love on the streets of Broadway. Directed and choreographed by award-winning West End professionals, the show spans 2 acts with over 35 songs and performed by a cast of over 30 dancers and singers.
6 leading West End performers supported by international dancers will take you on a rollercoaster ride through the best musicals of all time. With stunning costumes, choreography and jaw-dropping voices, this musical extravaganza brings Times Square to life, complete with giant LED screens, dazzling lighting and explosive pyrotechnics!" - Source SUnway Lagoon.

Blow your mind

The colorful stage and striking light

Hazel, Yah, Fitriah and Mala.

One word I can say, SUPER BEST wehhhhhhhh. The stage and performance were colorful, fascinating, entertaining and their voices were outstanding. There were fireworks, bangra local music and elevating stage.

And the audience were clapping, waving and DANCING all night long. Now, I’m persuading Mahadi to watch this magical Musical. Exhilarating lah weh. Suker 100x. It was a great masterpiece. Let gives a round of applause. Clap clap clap.


Monday, July 11, 2011

PERTIWI Soup Kitchen

Hello peeps. You must be wondering what and why PERTIWI? PERTIWI does not mean mempertahankan ibu pertiwi atau ibu negeri. PERTiWI is an acronym for Pertubuhan TIndakan Wanita Islam.

"Pertubuhan Tindakan Wanita Islam Malaysia atau ringkasnya PERTIWI ialah sebuah pertubuhan sukarela yang berorientasikan projek. Semenjak ditubuhkan pada tahun 1967, PERTIWI telah melaksanakan berbagai-bagai aktiviti kemasyarakatan, kebajikan, sosial dan keagamaan yang semuanya berteraskan pendidikan, khusus untuk wanita, remaja dan kanak-kanak.

Menyedari bahawa sesebuah masyarakat yang maju dan progresif cuma dapat dibentuk menerusi pendidikan dan pelajaran, maka PERTIWI, dengan sokongan daripada berbagai-bagai pihak seperti Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat, ahli-ahli, dan orang perseorangan, telah bergerak cergas bagi mencapai kelima-lima matlamat dan tujuan penubuhan. Didik Wanita Terdidiklah Bangsa." source from PERTIWI .


"Telaga Minyak Jaafar and its employees raised funds for the Pertubuhan Tindakan Wanita Islam (Pertiwi) Soup Kitchen Project.

The project was started in March last year to provide meals to the homeless and hard core poor at locations such as Jalan Chow Kit, Kompleks Dayabumi, Puduraya and Jalan Masjid India every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 9pm.

The food packages, which cost between RM2.50 and RM3.50, consist of rice, protein (egg, chicken or fish), vegetables and a banana.

To raise funds for the project, Telaga Minyak Jaafar's community projects committee organised an auction which offered employees the chance to play a round of golf with the company chairman, enjoy a meal cooked and served by the company chairman and special parking privileges, among others.

Telaga Minyak Jaafar said the committee had worked with Pertiwi Soup Kitchen late last year to arrange for employees to help distribute meals for ten weeks and make donations to support the project.

"Our employees were so touched and humbled by the experience that they decided to raise more funds for the soup kitchen project.

"It was agreed that the company would match funds raised Ringgit for Ringgit," said Telaga Minyak Jaafar.

Pertiwi Soup Kitchen chairman Munirah Abdul Hamid said: "When we started the project last year, little that we imagine the awareness and support we could get from it.

Munirah said the RM78,000 donation would allow them to provide about 22,000 meal packages.

Pertiwi founder Datuk Rahmah Abdul Hamid said: "When we started the project last year, we provided only about 200 food packages each night but now we are providing about 300 as there are more and more people queuing for food each night." Times

Mizah was giving a safety briefing before take off to Chow Kit Road.
Please zoom on her GREEN new sneakers.

Our first spot - Chow Kit Road
The volunteers : Kak Syima, Mizah, Watie, Fairuz and Najwa.
They were distributing the brown bags which contain nasi lemak, banana, bun and drinks.

We proud to serve the needy yet deep down inside we were touched by the scenery.
They were old, homeless and some were disable.

The Inseparable gang of the nite.
Somebody bought 3 new shoes just for PERTIWI-_-

They helped the needy with sincerity.

This event instill the spirit of self awareness and never take things for granted.
They are numbers of unfortunate people around us without food, home and cares.

Can you imagine your mom or your dad are queing on the street, begging for foods
and late in the middle of the night, they sleep at the inappropriate place without
bed and blanket?

We were the BECOK gurls.
Mizah, Watie and Si Kecil.

"Ya ALLAH Ya TUHANKU, KAU peliharalah kedua ibu bapa ku, adik-beradik ku, encik tunang, Kapten Mohd Mahadi, sanak sedara ku, kawan-kawan ku serta seluruh umat Islam dan manusia agar memperolehi keberkatan hidup di dunia dan di akhirat. Jauhkanlah kami daripada sebarang malapetaka serta tempatkan kami bersama orang-orang yang beriman". Amin

Saturday, July 9, 2011


"A stencil is a thin sheet of material, such as paper, plastic, or metal, with letters or a design cut from it, used to produce the letters or design on an underlying surface by applying pigment through the cut-out holes in the material. The key advantage of a stencil is that it can be reused to repeatedly and rapidly produce the same letters or design. The design produced with a stencil is also called a stencil" - source from Wiki

Pada 7 July 2011, Khamis yang lalu, aku dengan RELAnya telah menyertai Stensil Art Workshop yang dikenakan bayaran hanya RM10 bertempat di Telaga Minyak Jaafar. 

Korang mesti cakap, banyak betul lah event Telaga Minyak nie. Objektif setiap event yang dijalankan adalah untuk mengelakkan kebosanan melampau para pekerja, meningkatkan kesedaran alam sekitar, membantu orang-orang yang bernasib malang dan merapatkan hubungan di antara pekerja mahupun sesama ahli keluarga. 

Stensil Workshop ni telah diadakan pada waktu makan tengah hari. Nak kata save duit lunch, tak jugak sebab aku dah melabur RM10 untuk menyertai kelas ni. Heh. Tapi tak apalah. Minat punya pasal, wang ringgit tak menjadi soal. Tengok advertisement yang di distribute via email, aku terus suka sebab ad yang menarik dan berwarna biru. Aku langsung tak ada idea, pe jadah lah Stensil nie. First tought, stensil nie maybe menghasilkan alphabet yang berwarna-warni. I loike. Telahan aku SALAH. Damn.

Setiap participant will be provided with a few stensil paper atau kertas surih, sebuah kotak (sebesar kotak kasut) dan a few limited base colors ie. red, black, grey and gold. Each person was encouraged to use only 2 colors. 

As I was trying to be an extra creative -_-, I took an extra initiative by cutting the long stencil paper into pieces. End up, my end product look like a moron and idiot -__- It was all wrong from the start. Supposedly, I should color a small straight line for the stensil NOT the whole box. Plus, it will be massive hard if you cut the stensil paper into pieces. Above, was the outcome after major touch up. Bengong.

Aku memang dilahirkan tidak creative.
Kalau Nadia dan Hazlina buat, mesti superb-_-

Ini antara view yang ok, kalu flip this box to the other side, serius macam sengal.
Buruk bin jahanam.

Di bawah merupakan contoh2  stensil art yang cantik dan gojes.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The World Class Contractor

Aku adalah umat yang sangat tak reti nak entertain majikan atau BOSS. Aku akan totally blank dan lost nak sembang pasal apa.

Pasal technical skill, aku sangat buta IT. * Aku tahu korang mesti pelik macam mana aku dapat kerja dalam bidang IT -_-. Nak sembang pasal ekonomi, aku memang tolol ekonomi. Nak sembang pasal parenting, aku belum ada anak lagi. Kalau pasal fashion, hahhhhh aku ada sedikit celik.

Maka kedatangan boss omputih ke Telaga Minyak Jaafar, sangat meyesakkan jiwa dan raga.

Bulan lepas, ramai (mat salleh)2 datang ke opis kami. Semuanya tinggi2 belaka. Macam galah. Kecik dan rendah jer dunia aku. Aku telah ditugaskan untuk meng'host' satu mini program yang diberi nama "Luncheon with LT". Saya sangat takot -_-

Selain daripada menjadi mangsa pengacara, aku juga telah ditugaskan untuk mencarik hadiah, lipat nombor meja, cari projector, coordinate meja dan kerusi, tulis signboard kat pintu dan susun pasta + epal atas meja -_- Tapi aku sangat bertuah kerana mempunyai committee yang sangat helpful dan supportive. Wippie.

***Jangan tanya macam mana aku jadi eMCee. Lain di mulut, lain di kepala. Pfftsss-_- The best part is, boss2 omputih nie sangat cool, humble dan competitive. Mini games yang dijalankan mendapat sambutan di luar jangkaan. Korang best (*_*)

Task aku yang kedua ialah menyediakan presentation slide berkenaan safety. Aku telah dipaksa rela untuk menyediakan Food Safety. Instead of food safety, aku telah berjaya menyediakan food sharing. 6 Foods That Will Make You Look Younger. Yewwwwwwwww...I tahu uols mesti suker kan? Kelas kau maria. Kalau nak tips, sila PM yer. Muka2 korang yang berkedut tue, mesti semakin cantik lepas mengamalkan petua ratu jamu mak. Tak kuasa tawww.

Boss omputih aku cakap "YAM".
Ader ker. Ini sweet potato lah boss.
Aduyaii :p

US gov telah membelanjakan bermillion2 USD
just to come out with this pictures. Thank God,
it is fascinating. New food pyramid.

Selepas Teh Tarik session bersama boss, kami ada PCI Mini Team Building yang dijalankan di KLCC Convention Centre. Bermula 11.30 hingga lah 5 petang. Aku, Adib, Watie dan boss besar berada dalam kumpulan 1. Aduyaiiii. Mati kutu macam nie.

Task kami kali ini ialah membina JAMbATAN daripada straw! Weyyyy. Tak ada benda senang ke yang korang nak suruh buat. Disebabkan kumpulan 1, kaya dengan arkitek2 bertaraf Selayang, maka Jambatan yang dihasilkan pon ala2 jambatan Selayang. Hahahhaha. Aku tak berani nak publish kat sini. Tak hingginnnnn lah weh..

Muka dah macam ala2 contractor. Membincangkan segala bahan + kos dan permasalahan akan datang. Secara jujurnya, aku bangga dengan gambar nie sebab ada sikit muka aku yang tengah berpikir -__-

Sketch dah hebat.
Tapi end product, serius tak boleh bla.

Ini bukanlah jambatan kami.
Tapi antara jambatan yang berjaya mencurik tumpuan.
Macam jambatan Pulau Pinang.
Kelas korang.

Yang ini, serius tak boleh blah.
Dah macam tandas Kak Limah.
Sambung gelak.Hahhahahah.damn u

Yang ini pulak dah macam kelong nak menangkap ikan dekat Klang.
Aduyaiii lah pekerja2 Telaga Minyak.

Sebahagian daripada jambatan yang telah siap dibina.
Pemenang dipilih berdasarkan cost effective, design dan kekuatan.
Setiap jambatan akan diuji dengan bola golf yang dibaling dari atas ke jambatan.
Kalau tak runtuh, KUAT lah tue.

Kerana kami sedikit terror, Kumpulan 1 telah berjaya menggondol tempat
ke -7 daripada 12 team. Oklah tue. Tak da lah teruk sangat.

Setiap kali emcee mengumumkan nama kumpulan, kami
sangat berdebar2.Emcee akan announce bermula daripada
nombor 12 hinggalah ke nombor satu. Setiap kali kami dengar bukan
 jer kumpulan 1, kami akan MELONJAK GEMBIRA. Maka kami tahu lah
yang kami ada chance nak menang tempat yang lebih hebat.
Penantian akhirnya berakhir apabila emcee mengumumkan tempat
ke 7 dimenangi oleh Kumpulan 1 -__- Hadiah merupakan
voucher Starbuck RM11 per pax.

Nie yang tak tahan nie.
Boleh pulak jambatan pertama tue TUMBANG. Depan audience pulak tue.
Maka, muka yang korang lihat adalah REAL.
Sila perhatikan muka boss besar aku.

Antara lesson learn semasa Team building nie :
  • Setiap projek perlu ada perancangan.
  • Setiap projek memerlukan dokumentasi yang bagus sebagai panduan
  • Sebagai team lead, jangan sesekali melupakan employee yang kurang menonjol
  • Dengar pendapat orang lain
  • Jangan lekas menukar rancangan

Basically, boss2 omputih kami sangat best, cool, knowledgeable and inspiring. Even though they've been assigned with diversity of assignment, they never give up yet still work life balance. Never let the spirit die.